Multimirrors - a gadget leads to new graphic experiences

A multimirror is a square tunnel of four long mirrors that are joined at their long sides. My largest is about two meters long (left image). An object or an image placed at one end of the tunnel, when observed from the other end, is mirrored multiple times in four directions (my face in the middle image). Although this is expected, I seem to be the first to have noticed this about two years ago. Unexpected, however, is the emergence of surprising, fantastic, new patterns, when the image is observed from some distance (right image). The tapestry like pattern on that image reveals itself as a mirrored repetition of the central image, three times in four direction, of the Flying Nana by Niki de Saint Phalle (click on video clip above right). 

Over the past year I have constructed such surprising multimirror-graphs on my computer from a large variety of images, including traditional art, natural science, people, and monuments. They are all also documented in German on my website Some of the multimirror graphs, mounted on aluminum frames have been shown in 2018 at three exhibitions in Zürich. With the development of multimirrors I have been able to build a bridge between a three-dimensional sculpture and two dimensional imagery. 

The Multimirror graphs are listed in sequence of their creation date. Each has a unique multimirror number, eg. Multimirror1 to MultimirrorXXX. They are grouped here into five themes (keywords): Art, Nature, Prominent People, Attractive Places. Each of these can be accessed in submenus under the heading Multimirrors above. 

All of theses graphs can be purchased as high resolution JPG files (click on submenu Purchasing Files under Multimirrors above.

This website is designed for an international community. It documents most multimirror graphs I have created (and continue to create). Previous sculpture work can be found under tab Earlier Projects.

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